Julie Michels and George Koller … born in 1958, developed illustrious careers on their own… then met in 1994… the rest is history! They found a shared passion for classic jazz, instant composition, and positive vibrations performing as a bass/ voice duo.Their debut CD Singing Naked, unveiled a warm, dynamic sound, spacious and soulful. An original approach that fused their musicality as performers/composers. A list of their world touring credits or name-dropping in their professional associations would fill a volume. Having played many festivals and large halls, Koller/Michels also enjoy the intimacy of jazz and folk clubs, where they have a history of going out on a limb, as new and old songs are recomposed, revealed, and delivered with a true now-moment jazz passion!16 Years after the first CD was released, the long-awaited follow-up CD has finally arrived! “Bass and Voice” …14 selections ..pure magic!“…these are terrific musicians… but it’s their unconventionality that makes them such a winning combination. Their performances tend to be larger than life” Mark Miller, Globe and Mail“Repertoire and musicianship was first class…a wonderful evening of music” Jacques Emond, Director, Ottawa Jazz Festival “Risky, imaginative, fresh, and fun loving” Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal“These true originals, big voice and big bass, make marvelous music from their exotic risk-taking… Koller thrusts and emotes all over his bass, conversing flexibly with Michels’ power pipes….this bold, entertaining duo is ready to charge in any direction…” Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star
All Seats $20 | $25 Dining Minimum