As of September 22, 2021, the Ontario government will require us to verify proof of full vaccination at the door before any guest enters the venue.  We do not retain this information, and guests may be asked to provide such proof on each occasion that they enter the venue.

What we’re doing to keep you safe

In light of the current health situation around the world, we’ve created a comprehensive protocol to ensure the safety of our casts, crews, and customers.  In addition to a continuous and carefully tracked cleaning and sanitization routine, we’ve implemented the latest technology and training so you can rest assured that we are going above and beyond to help keep you safe.

Automated Temperature Check

All staff, performers, and customers will have their body temperature scanned automatically by our handsfree AI scanner before entry.  Those who have an elevated temperature will not be permitted to enter.  We understand that body temperature is not a sole indicator, but it is one additional step we can take to provide a safe environment.

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In seconds, our system detects a face, finds the most reliable spot to measure, and displays a pass/fail alert.  Our system meets the FDA accuracy specification guidelines using a reference heat source. The scan is viewed in real-time, and no data is saved after a scan.

Hydrostatic Sanitization

Before and between each performance, our trained staff will use hydrostatic cleaners and hospital-grade disinfectants to sanitize all areas, not just high-touch surfaces.  Hydrostatic cleaning ensures that all surfaces, up, down, and around, are sanitized.  Our Health Canada-approved disinfectant kills COVID (and 99.99% of all other viruses!)

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Electrostatic application for surface disinfection is a method of applying disinfectants to a target surface area by utilizing electrostatic force of attraction. Simply put, the electrostatic system places an electrical charge on the droplets and disperses them across a target surface area, providing a comprehensive, even coverage. This provides a consistent and uniform coverage in which the droplets adhere to vertical, horizontal, and three-dimensional surfaces (“wraps” around the target area).

UV Air Filtration

We have added UV air filtration to our HVAC system, which kills all pathogens, including COVID, while perpetually cycling and cleaning all air in the venue every 15 minutes. All air passes through the UV light. Each dressing room includes additional HEPA air filtration to clean the air even more in smaller areas.

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Ultraviolet light has been used to stop pathogens in their tracks for decades, and a study published June 26 now confirms that UV light eliminates SARS-CoV-2.

Hand Sanitizer

We have added hand sanitizer dispensers not just to the common areas, but also to each individual table.  Look for our gold dispenser on every table, beside each entrance to the dining room, and beside coat check.  To provide the best experience and efficacy, our sanitizer contains 70% ethyl alcohol, plus moisturizers to keep your hands clean without making them dry.

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Hand hygiene is an important part of combatting COVID-19. Practicing hand hygiene, which includes the use of alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR) or handwashing, is a simple yet effective way to prevent the spread of pathogens and infections.  Unless hands are visibly soiled, an alcohol-based hand rub is preferred over soap and water in many situations due to evidence of better compliance compared to soap and water.

Touchless Handwashing

In each washroom, we have replaced all faucets, all soap dispensers, and all paper towel dispensers with touchless versions.  You can now wash your hands without touching anything. We have also closed every other stall to give you more space.

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By touching fewer things, you reduce the risk of picking up or passing germs.  For hand hygiene, this is important because it reduces the risk of contaminating your hands after you have washed them.

Face Masks

All staff will be wearing face masks. All customers must also wear a face mask when entering and moving around the venue (using the washroom).  The mask must cover your nose, mouth, and chin, with no exceptions. Once you are seated, you may remove your mask while eating.

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This mask rule is mandatory under City of Toronto bylaw 541-2020.  For the optics, safety, and comfort of other guests, our policy is to prohibit entry to any person not wearing a mask.

Table Numbers

Upon entry, your table number will be assigned by the Maitre’ D, and, to limit crowding, you will make your own way to your numbered table.  Your server will bring a water carafe for the table and provide your cutlery and napkins on a tray to avoid touching them.  The server will direct you to our digital menu on your phone or provide a single-use recyclable menu just for you.

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Table numbers are clearly displayed at each table. With fewer people moving around the venue, everyone has more space. Our large dining room ensures that each table has plenty of room for social distancing.

Limited Interactions

For your additional safety, servers will limit their time at your table while still providing great service.  For your convenience, there is a sanitized call button at your table. You may press the call button at any time (including during the performance) to silently call your server to your table for additional service.

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Limiting interactions and movement around the dining room not only creates a safer environment, it also ensures a more enjoyable experience during the performance.

Touchless Payments

When it’s time to pay, the server will bring a terminal to your table.  You may tap a card to pay, and print a receipt at that time if required. To limit touch, we prefer touchless payments at this time. If you must pay with cash, kindly let the Maitre’ D know upon arrival so we may take extra precaution.

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Touching fewer things is safer for everyone.  With our simple tap to pay system, there’s nothing extra to do. If you advise the server in advance of any tip percentage you would like to pay, we will have the details prepared in advance so you do not have to touch the terminal. No auto-gratuity is ever added to a dining bill, and we appreciate the opportunity to provide you with great service.

Table Size

We have reduced table sizes to 6 persons max.  Remember that all folks on your order will be seated together. Each order should consist only of folks within your own bubble.  If you are planning to attend with folks outside your bubble, you should consider sitting at different tables.

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If you are planning to attend with a large group, please know that your group will be split between tables, and those tables will be socially distanced.

Staff Training

All staff are trained and kept up to date on the latest information and best practices to help keep folks safe.